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Hong Kong is one of the few places on the planet where modern and ancient traditions coexist peacefully. The energy of Hong Kong is unlike any other city in the world. The cacophony of chatter, traffic, and construction, neon lights, noisy bars blaring Western music, steam rising from the concrete, the smells of street food and the sea – this is Hong Kong.

But beyond the chaotic hum of life in the city are lush green hills, perfect hidden beaches, and charming coastal villages, all just a ferry ride away. Quiet oases are tucked away throughout Hong Kong, from hidden temples to luxurious spas to sleek wine bars. Together with excellent sporting facilities, an exciting restaurant scene and world-class nightlife, Hong Kong offers an excellent lifestyle on the edges of the West and East.

Teaching is a respected profession and education is competitive. Many children attend before- and after-school tutoring sessions, which can provide excellent opportunities for teachers to earn extra income.

Hong Kong is one of the top three most expensive places for housing in the world. Expect your flat to be tiny but well-designed, and domestic help is cheap and plentiful. Public transport is cheap and clean, and taxis are affordable. Shopping can be done in cheap market stalls or glamourous malls, and many shops are happy to haggle.

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Hong Kong is a former British colony, and therefore English is common everywhere. That said, it’s polite to learn the basics.

Ferries are plentiful and crucial to the daily lives of those in Hong Kong, especially to reach the Outlying Islands. An extensive bus and underground network makes travel around the Hong Kong region fast and inexpensive.

Hong Kong is an excellent start point for a variety of destinations, from a weekend in Macau or Taipei to a longer stay in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, or Singapore. Australia and Indonesia are further afield.

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